Acr resqlink

Full power and small in size, the ResQLink distress beacon is the smallest and lightest Personal Locator Beacon (or PLB) on the market. I bought the ACR ResQLink+ PLB because it sends the GPS location directly to the . Serious solitude has its inherit risks, and the small, lightweight ACR ResQLink Plus 4Personal Locator Beacon provides an instantaneous lifeline if you or .

The buoyant ACR Electronics ResQLink+ GPS personal locator beacon offers all the features of the ResQLink—plus it floats! The SOS function of the ResQlink is probably the most effective of any device we tested. It transmits your SOS message at watts of power, . Purchase an ACR ResQLink+ or ResQLink 4PLB (#: 1203054 13381207) and receive a $Mail-in-Rebate!

Valid September 0 20— December 3 . It’s the most important piece of gear you can take with you. Order the World’s smallest PLB, the ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon at GPS Central Canada. Tap in to the same field-tested rescue technology used by . Once upon a time, suffering a broken femur during a solo backcountry trek meant that you were a goner, but thanks to the ACR ResQlink 4Personal Locator . ACR ResQLink+ PLB floats with out a pouch – the worlds smallest personal locator.

The ResQLink Plus (ResQlink+) PLB is the newest variation of the worlds . ACR ResQLink PLB with GPS broadcasts a unique registered distress signal that not only tells rescuers where the sender is, but who they are. The ACR 28ResQLink PLB is small, rugge and perfect for any outdoor excursion, especially If you are looking for personal safety on the water.

It’s a simple measure of odds and since I am not a gambling man I have decided to hedge my bets with the ACR ResQLink GPS Personal Locator Beacon. CAUTION: Before proceeding to test or use your new ACR. ACR quickly brought the ACR ResQLink to the market that nearly matched the FastFind for price and is currently the smallest available PLB. Small and mighty, the ResQLink is a full-powere GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed for . ACR Electronic’s new ResQLink 406MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is the smallest PLB they have created yet. Make sure you can be found wherever your adventures take you with the ACR ResQLink GPS distress beacon.

Perfect for anglers, pilots and backcountry . Includes FREE safety pack consisting of a Firefly Pro strobe light and a rescue cord bracelet. A floating pocket size compact light, GPS-enabled Personal . With pole-to-pole coverage, the ACR ResQLink 4is the mot effective choice to alert SAR in the event of a backcountry emergency. Now smaller, lighter and more affordable than ever, ACR’s GPS-enabled ResQLink uses proven technology that has helped save lives. Features: The ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Weighs in at only 4. However, ACR did not factor in the antenna assembly on the side, or the. Six (6) years from date of manufacture or five (5).

Buy ACR RESQLINK + GPS PLBat Paddy Pallin. We supply the highest quality and most advanced products. Personal Locating Beacon with 4MHz Floating PLB, Built-In GPS, Strobe and 1MHz Homing Beacon.

As far as I am aware the ACR ResQLink Plus PLB is the smallest PLB on the market – but maybe Franco or Wayno will prove me wrong?