Focus lighting

Focus Lighting er en dansk producent af arkitekttegnede lamper. Sortimentet omfatter inden- og udendørs belysning til gade, vej og byggerier. Focus Lighting is an award-winning architectural lighting design firm based in New York City.

CLICK ON A PHOTO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR AMAZING TEAM MEMBERS . Focus Lighting is a Danish company in the lighting business. High-quality luminaires for indoor and outdoor use are marketed with LED and other energy-saving . Focus Lighting Productions are a London based technical production agency working across a wide variety of historic and contemporary venues supplying .

Founded in 20by Dominic Watson, Focus has grown from being primarily a lighting orientated business to a fully-fledged technical production company. Ukompliceret design og spændende materialer giver lyset liv. Langt liv, fordi vi lægger vægt på holdbarhed i design, konstruktion og . Energy Focus provides superior LED lighting systems. Our goal is to deliver high performance retrofit solutions with the lowest total overall ownership cost.

Focus Lighting is a New York City based architectural lighting design firm founded by Paul Gregory in 1987. Focus Lighting designs include the Entel Tower in . September 2 198 manufacturing volt power supplies and accessories . Focus Lighting is an award winning professional architectural lighting design firm located in New York City.

Since 198 we have continually created unique a. Focus Lighting was founded in 19and covers 5square meters, it is a leader lighting manufacturer in.

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