Ikea hydroponic system

Most of the vegetables we eat today are grown hydroponically. Cachad”Utmaningen var att göra det så enkelt att odla växter i ett hydroponiskt system att alla kan klara av det …” säger Helena Karlén, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet.

I am sharing my experience with Ikea Vaxer system. This is based on kratky hydroponic system, it has a small. The indoor gardening system with a Swedish accent will help you grow your own lettuce and herbs year round.

Users water the plants evenly with a small irrigation system. Ikea introduce a hydroponic indoor gardening kit. The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple, so that . This is where Ikea’s hydroponics system falls down: while lettuce leaves such as endive thrived in the moisture-rich, light-filled conditions, . Now IKEA has branched out into being a maker of hydroponic systems, and their indoor garden is really cute.

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