Lightforce led 215

Outback Travel Australia tests a LightForce LED 2spot and spread beam combination pair of driving lights. Som övriga Lightforce extraljus är LED 1byggd för att klara enorma påfrestningar med. Lightforce 2LED Extraljus 69kr; Lightforce tum Dual row 5w .

Det andra extraljuset med LED-teknink från Lightforce mäter 2mm i diameter och ger en uteffekt på hela 108W från dioder på 3W vardera! The LED Lightforce range is available in two sizes: 180mm 215mm They are ideal for: Passenger cars 4WD’s Vans Utes and vans S. The New Lightforce LED 2Gendriving lights have been release and a set has just landed at the MR4Xoffice. GENUINE LIGHTFORCE LED2GEN108W LED 36x3W ROUND DRIVING.

GENUINE LIGHTFORCE HTX2HYBRID 80W LED 70W HID DRIVING . Engineered in Australia to Lightforce specifications the LED2driving light sets new performance benchmarks for durability and long-range performance. The big brother to the Lightforce 18 the 2LED is simply bigger and brighter yet again. You either have the space, or are one of those . Lightforce lanserar nya led-extraljuset Led 215. Det har en diameter på 2millimeter och ger en uteffekt på hela 108W.

That sai the Lightforce LED 2version has caught my attention. Lightforce LED 12Driving Lights, Discount Prices, 4wd Trekmaster Staffor Gold Coast since 2002. Unsealed 4xhas a really interesting story about ARB’s Intensity Lights and the Lightforce LED215.

Lightforce have stepped it up are now available in LED. The 108W LED2have 36x3W Leds and with tough pressure cast aluminium construction, two pack . Lightforce LED215: This is one of Lightforce’s first forays into the LED market. They’ve received great reviews and been named in several tests as the best LED . Out of all these LED round driving lights, it was a very close call, but I’d bolt a set of Lightforce 215s to my mighty 4×4. In LightForce’s LED series the mini-reflectors are plain in the case of spot.

In appearance the LightForce LED 2looks similar to ARB’s Intensity, but the . GENUINE LIGHTFORCE LED2108W LED 36x3W ROUND DRIVING LIGHTS 77LUMENS EACH SPOT BEAM. The Hella 40LEDs didn’t get great reviews in Overland Journal.

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