Philips 901f

Vill utklassa även de mest kraftfulla lcd- och led-apparaterna med nya 55-tummaren 901F. Philips 901F är tillverkarens första tv-modell med oled-panel. Med individuell belysning av varje pixel i skärmen kan 901F erbjuda mörkare .

Philips 901F är en OLED-TV på tum som använder en 4K OLED-panel tillverkad av LG Display. As with most Philips TVs these days, the 901F carries the Android smart TV system. Experience the world’s only 4K OLED TV with Ambilight and Android TV. Discover perfect blacks and impressive colors brought to life by our unique Philips .

Berlin, Germany – With the launch of the company’s first OLED TV – the 55” 901F television – TP Vision will create a new reference standard for . The Philips 901F represents the proud old TV brand’s first foray into the world of OLED – with its 4K 55-inch television catapulting the TP Vision . There’s a growing list of great OLED TVs launching in 201 but the Philips 901F has a couple of neat tricks. Philips 901F is the first Ambilight Android TV to be released. It is a 4K UHD TV based on LG Display’s WRGB. Philips lanserar sin första OLED-TV som lockar med med Ambilight och en kraftfull bildprocessor. For a while, LG has been the only company to offer OLED TVs, but now it is getting some competition from Philips’ first OLED TV set, the 901F.

Philips picture guru Danny Tack explains the processing that has gone into their new 901F Ultra HD 4K OLED TV and demonstrates the . Philips’ first entry in the OLED TV world tries to be much bigger than a 55-inch set.

Yes, it’s a 55-inch, 4K screen, known as the 901F and . It takes OLE the TV tech du jour, and Philips’ signature Ambilight illumination, then smashes them together in a beautiful 4K combination that . TP Vision has officially launched its first Philips-branded OLED TV at the IFA 20consumer electronics trade show in Berlin this week, after an . In this latter respect, the new Philips 901F which was recently introduced at IFA 20in Berlin is definitely expected to deliver, considering that . Philips’ 901F is the company’s first OLED TV, with a 4K panel (made by LG Display). Philips is throwing everything its got at its new 55-inch 901F TV. Not only is the 901F the company’s first OLED set, but it also comes with 4K . WATCH NOW: For a while, LG has been the only company to offer OLED TVs, but now it’s getting some competition from Philips, which has unveiled its first . Officieel wilde TP-vision er niets over vertellen, maar het was al een poos duidelijk dat er achter de schermen gewerkt werd aan een Philips . Op IFA liet Philips zijn allereerste televisie op basis van een. Philips 901F-uhdtv Preview – ‘s Werelds eerste oled-tv met Ambilight. The Ambilight 901F is Philips’ first OLED television, and unsurprisingly, it’s getting the star treatment — smart features, Philips’ best imaging . Jednak ta niesamowita jakość obrazu wkrótce znajdzie swój odpowiednik u konkurenta.

Philips zaprezentował na targach IFA telewizor 901F. Natuurijk is ook HDR-ondersteuning aanwezig, met een maximale helderheid van 5nits. El televisor que os vamos a presentar se llama Philips 901F y es el buque insignia de la nueva serie 9. Today at IFA 20in Berlin, Philips has unveiled its first OLED TV. Philips 901F is 55-inch television comes with Philips Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine with a processing power of four billion pixels, and Philips .

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