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The LuMee case is the first smartphone case to offer front facing LED lights. Now you can have perfect lighting for selfies and video chat, anytime, anywhere. Hitta bästa pris och läs omdömen – vi hjälper dig hitta rätt.

After dark is when you and LuMee really shine. At clubs or concerts, and restaurants or rooftop parties, you can take brighter selfies. The perfect selfie isn’t taken with a straight iPhone—you need extra boosters, such as fancy lighting, wireless . New LED White Light Up Latest Selfie Phone Case Cover For iPhone 6S.

LuMee Case Review iPhone Plus – Take the Perfect Selfie! Kylie always finds the natural light, and for Kendall, it’s all about the. While not technically an external light (think of it as more of a selfie-specific light), the LuMee is the first iPhone case that lets you carry around a . Many of us use smartphones or tablets to capture selfies everywhere you go. You are going to need proper lighting to capture better photos.

Without the lights on, one observer told me it was the weirdest looking case they’d. Did this iPhone case upgrade our selfies to Kim K levels? Ty Lite by Ty Hunter offers protective iPhone cases that light up. The iPhone has a flashlight feature, but it’s hidden behind a couple swipes and taps that can be difficult to execute .

Minor difference: Snapping a selfie in natural light (left) didn’t really. Phone models don’t have a flash on the front-facing camera, . Dubbed the LuMee, the device illuminates the iPhone and iPhone 5s. The case has built-in LED lights at the front, is powered by its own . Kim Kardashian takes her selfies very seriously, she even has an entire published book full of them. So it’s no surprise that Grammy-goer and . On Sunday, The Hollywood Reporter’s executive editor Matthew Belloni caught Kim Kardashian using selfie lights on her iPhone.

Portable Luxury Selfie LED Camera Ring Flash Fill Light For IPhone Mobile Phone. Luxury Selfie Luminous LED Light Up Phone Ring For iPhone 6S Plus . It also beautifies the face and make the eyes bright in the photography. Check out for more details with Top Best Selfie Ring Light For iPhone .

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